Simultaneous Dubbing and Subtitling Services

We have over 30 years оf experience providing dubbing and subtitling services to major media companies all over the world.

Upto 2 minutes
ISO Standards
Rush & Super Rush

Multiple File Formats

Input formats Output formats
.Mp4 .Mov. .Mpeg .Srt .Txt. .Scc .Cap .Mcc .Tds and many more SubRip (.srt), Scenarist (.scc),MacCaption (.mcc),Quicktime Timed Text (.qt.txt),
Transcript (.txt),Spruce Subtitle File (.stl)
and custom file formats.

Importance of Dubbing And Subtitling Service

Dubbing and Subtitling services are important to translate the video content either into audio or in text form. These services are greatly used for the foreign population to grasp the video content into their native language. A video dubbing and subtitling company offer such services for international audience.

Dubbing and Subtitling Services Dubbing and Subtitling Services

Optimum Dubbing and Subtitling Services

Here, we pride ourselves on 3 elements with our subtitling and dubbing services: casting vocal talent for voice overs whose voice type matches that of the actor on screen; precise lip-synching that completes the illusion; and script adaptation that faithfully captures the nuance of the source material. Our clients have access to our proprietary database to cast talent, track progress, access quality control reports, and oversee the status of projects which are limited by other subtitling and dubbing companies

Localization Through Video Dubbing Service

In today’s technologically advanced world, the content generated in one part of the globe is easily disseminated on an international scale with the help of the Internet. But what if this content is not comprehendible to your target audience. Hence, as an initial step, you need to localize your content to make it consumable to target audiences. For instance, Disney’s Lion King was dubbed into 44 languages so as to expand its reach to foreign countries. Likewise, many popular movies are dubbed into several local languages as part of the localization process.

Our mother-tongue dubbing experts provide accurate video dubbing that will look as though the script was originally written in the target language. At Vision Edge Services, we highly value the quality and accuracy of the content. Furthermore, we take great care of maintaining the confidentiality of your script. Be it a movie dubbing service or voice dubbing service, Vision Edge Services can be your trusted partner for all your localization needs.

Language Dubbing and Subtitling Service

We are not just a language dubbing agency and our services are not limited to video dubbing. We offer value-added services such as subtitle services, voice-over, film subtitling, etc. If you wish to dub your video production into Hindi, it is vital to opt for professional film subtitling companies. Following the dubbing and subtitling services of such companies can present you with quick turnaround time, premium quality, and cheap rates. You can choose among 100+ languages for the dubbing of your film. However, listed below are the most requested languages for video dubbing services: Swahili, Greek, Hindi, Malayalam, Kurdish Sorani, Thai, Farsi, Dutch, Serbian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Danish, and Czech, etc.

Translation for Dubbing and Subtitling

Our service maintains a comprehensive database of voice actors for subtitling and dubbing translation services across all territories. We regularly recruit new talent to ensure our voice bank includes options for any voice demographic. Our service provides translation for dubbing and subtitling services in more than 50 languages for live-action and animated movies, broadcast services, documentaries, infomercials, and online video content. Vision Edge service provides a complete end-to-end solution for dubbing services. From script adaptation through casting, directing, recording and mixing, we provide subtitling and dubbing international services in one-stop, complete post-production voice-over services.

Multiple Arenas of Captioning

From corporate industries to entertainment sources, we adhere to time-synchronized professional captioning services to 15+ video footage, including:

  • Fitness Advertisement Video
  • Christian video
  • Trailer and Advertisement
  • Interview & Health Awareness
  • Webinar
  • Movie
  • NEWS
  • Education Video
  • Quiz show
  • Class
  • Interview Video
  • Seminar
  • Awareness Video
  • Documentary Video
  • Advertisement Video
  • Cooking Video
  • Product Tutorial
  • Video Tutorial
  • Spanish Songs
  • Film Making
  • Foodie Video
  • Movie Interview Video
  • Company profile video
  • News or Documentary
  • Product Marketing
  • Property developments
  • Training Video


1. What is a video dubbing service?

A video dubbing service is a creative adaption of the whole video to a language different from the original language in which the video/film is produced. It falls into the post-production phase of the filmmaking. Nowadays, several professional video dubbing agencies are active in the media industry. You can choose the best company online by checking the overall ratings and customer reviews.

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