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Academic Transcription Services

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We serve the excellent quality of academic transcription services at affordable rates for our clients and students.

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Multiple File Formats

Input formats Output formats
MP3, MP4, WMV, AIF, M4A, MOV, AVI, VOB, AMR, WMA, OGG, WAV and many more. .docx, .pdf and many other custom file formats.

Academic Transcription from Vision Edge Services

Processing an academic transcription or educational transcription services involves converting an audio or video file into text. This physical document is called an academic transcript and can be anything from lectures to presentations.

The 2 main aspects of an academic certified transcription are accuracy and good quality. Here at Vision Edge Online Services, experienced candidates are hired for academic transcription jobs. Our professionals are highly skilled to provide the maximum quality in all academic transcription services that they work. Vision Edge additionally provides academic transcriptions for students and lecturers with any personalized requirements.

Reasons to Get an Academic Transcription

It is a proven fact that a student can double up his/her memory retention, when it comes to reading an academic text. The person will retain the information in short-term memory for a longer time.

Keeping up with classes becomes easier with our academic transcription solutions.

Professors and academicians are easily able to disseminate their knowledge to their students through readable physical texts. The process of recalling the learned parts are to be reinforced strictly in the way of physical text copies. On the other hand, the method of skimming and last-minute preparation is performed better only through textual formats.

This is where an educational transcript becomes useful. With state-of-the-art tools and technology, Vision Edge Online Services will perform academic transcription services that are highly subject-oriented. Even cross-talks in an audio or video file format can be transcribed perfectly from us.

Area of Expertise

Understanding the importance of giving high-quality transcripts, we have 800+ educational transcriptionists, who are experts for their language. Our academic transcription services are highly broadened to serve in 100+ languages required.

Our additional step of editing from the proof-readers ensures that the transcription is correctly phrased, giving attention to every minute detail. Since we have the experts in the field for transcribing, Vision Edge’s academic transcription services also include time-coding and verbatim.

With additional services of time stamping and verbatim, the result is easier for anybody to grasp the contents effectively. Also, our expertise is known to have a qualitative approach when it comes to academic research transcription by:

  • Tracking multiple speakers
  • Understanding any dialect and nuance
  • Reviewing every slang and pronunciation accurately
  • Handling native language accents with ease

Best Academic Transcription Services for Students

Reviewing your lectures will now be easier using Vison Edge’s educational transcription. We provide you with a transcript that helps you in not missing any key points. Our transcription solution will also reduce your work of taking the notes as your professor dictates. Keep the recording on hand and we will transcribe it quickly and effectively for you.

Our well-transcribed file will make you remember things better and reduces your efforts over jotting down notes quickly. Turnaround time is a crucial aspect in regard to any academic file format. Vision Edge Online Services has a good number of transcribers to give a quick delivery, without compromising on the quality. It will help you read through the transcript well before your exams arrive.

Since we are associated with various industries, students can be assured that they can avail services from us at affordable prices. If you would like to know the rate of your transcription before giving us an order, you can always ask for a free quote.

Professionally Handled Transcriptions for Lecturers

Listening to an audio file can be time-consuming and makes your work a tedious one. As a professor, you probably might not be able to manage the time on other important schedules. Apparently, you can benefit from our academic transcription services for lecturers. Our academic transcriptionists will give you a written record, even for an entire academic year, which is worthy of your time.

Vision Edge is also reasonable in its pricing strategy - which means getting quality transcripts within the budget. Additional focus is given to make sure that your transcript is reader-friendly in its context.

It is understandable that your file formats can range anywhere from audios to videos and was recorded, as per your convenience. Not to be concerned, as we support academic transcription services for all the major input files.


1. Where can I find affordable academic research transcription?

Vision Edge Online Services is the best solution to get excellent quality academic transcription, right within the budget. The company has expert transcribers who promise great accuracy at affordable rates for students and lecturers.

2. What are the academic file formats that are generally transcribed?

Dissertation papers focus group recording, lecture audio, research presentation, journal documents, etc. are a few examples of files that are transcribed.

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