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The Best Transcription Services in The United States

Vision Edge Services is a brand known for offering great quality transcription services throughout the US. Our team of professionals has industry experts who are responsible for delivering quick and professional transcription services. The certified transcription services we provide is assisting both individuals as well as businesses. One can easily get quality services in less time with our competitive transcription services rates.

Online Transcription Services

High quality transcription is crucial to the success of your business.It is the process of converting spoken language into written texts. Professional transcript is one useful source of information extracted from videos, audio, corporate presentations, and more.

Who Can Benefit From Our Professional Transcription Services?

As the basic aim of offering transcription services is to convert every type of audio into text, we understand that the requirement can come from any industry. These needs can also be urgent sometimes and thus we give priority to such projects and have rush and super rush transcription services. The list of industries which we handle on a daily basis is long, but a few of them are Police, Film and Movie, Corporate, Medical, Legal and Broadcast, to name a few.

Transcription projects from different industries have different requirements and in fact, the service needed by one single industry can also vary depending upon the necessity of the customer. Thus, we offer the following transcription services:

  • Documents/Text to Text Transcription
  • Video Transcription
  • Audio Transcription

Categories of Transcription Services:

Transcription can be categorized into:

Verbatim Transcription: Every word, pause, sound, murmur, repetitions and tone of voice that is present in the audio file is transcribed into a written text. This provides you with the exact conversation that is being played by the audio. Verbatim can be a bit time consuming compared to the other two, as the transcriber must go into minute details during transcription. They are used in:

  • Police investigations
  • Legal documents and court hearings
  • Study of focus groups
  • Research

Edited Transcription: This is an edited version of verbatim where the unwanted elements such as stuttering, and repetitions are edited out by the transcriber. The transcribed text will provide you with a proper conversation which is easier to understand and follow. It is useful for:

  • Seminars and conferences
  • Journalists
  • Business

Intelligent Transcription: The transcribed document is edited in an intelligent manner. Parts of the conversation that are not required is removed. It is done by our well-experienced professionals who prepare the document diligently. They also see that it is free of any grammatical errors, that may be present in a speech during the audio conversation. Here the cost of transcription services is usually higher when compared to the other forms, as the work involved is more complex. Such services are mostly utilized by:

  • Business Personals
  • Medical field
  • Educational field

You must find out which audio to text transcription services will be better suited for the occasion before you decide to go for transcription. Transcription services will help to provide you with valuable assistance to make this decision.

If you are looking out for professional transcription services near New York or anywhere else in the US, we completely assure you to offer with the best audio to text transcription services. Our cost of transcription services is quite affordable, and we guarantee 100% quality with quick turnaround time.

Languages We Cater

The company is handling a huge database of languages for transcription services. All the above-mentioned industries and more can get benefited from our online transcription services in 100+ languages. A few of the most popular ones are:

Norfolk, Finnish, Kurdish, Ukrainian, Thai, Khmer, Dari, Mandarin, Russian, Hebrew, Vietnamese, Korean, Armenian, Irish, English and many more.


How long does it take to transcribe one hour of audio?

The speed at which the transcription is done depends on a set of factors. The main factor is the level of complexity in terms of language and content of the audio. Also, do you want the transcription done using the intelligent transcription approach or do you prefer translation verbatim? Other factors here include noise, clarity of voice, and a number of speakers and the accent of the speakers.

How much does audio transcription cost per hour?

The rates on a transcription service per hour depend upon a few aspects such as the total duration of the file, quality of the input, etc. However, Vision Edge Services has some of the most affordable rates for audio transcription services in the industry.

Where can I find the top-quality Transcription Services near Me?

There would be no necessity for the quality transcription services. Vision Edge Online Services is a top-rated and duly certified provider of transcription service known to give high-quality results within the stipulated client timelines. After you place an order and agree on the submission, you just need to sit back, relax and wait for great outcomes. No fuss whatsoever.

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