Medical Billing Services

Revenue Acceleration by Streamlined Billing Process

Vision Edge is a full service medical billing and accounts receivable management firm, whose true goal is maximum reimbursement at a cost-effective price. ​ For healthcare providers that offer critical care services, optimizing the medical billing process is a primary focus area to ensure sustained, long-term operations. We provide end-to-end medical billing services and act as a mediator between insurance companies and healthcare providers. When you outsource medical billing services to us, we provide output of the highest quality and accuracy, and eliminate the occurrence of these losses.


Claims are submitted electronically via the practice management system. However, we can process paper claims also.

Medical Billing

We simplify billing for small and mid-sized practices. Increase reimbursements and stop worrying about collections.


We are 100% U.S. based and have been providing Medical Billing services since 2014.

We'll Make You More Profitable

Our approach to your medical practice is to make it more profitable. Efficiency is the number one measure of our success in making your bottom line stronger. We show our worth by increasing your bottom line, its that simple. For more information about how QT might be part of your cost-saving solution, contact us today.

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These days, timely and accurate billing by companies like ours should go without saying. In our experience most offices do a pretty good job of getting a clean claim out the door, but often lack the resources to do effective follow up, which is often the difference between merely paying the bills, and being truly successful. At Vision Edge we set ourselves apart with follow-up efforts that get results and make sure our physicians are paid fairly for their work.


To be the Best-in-Class Business Process Management company in the US Healthcare domain.


To empower our clients with the ability to focus on patient care by providing the highest quality of medical billing services to fit their individual needs leveraging latest technology and talent globally.


We are a premier billing, coding and collections recourse with clients throughout United States. We’re here to help you increase revenue, reduce rejection errors and to aggressively collect outstanding patient and insurance balances on your behalf.


Allow us to show you how we can help your practice become more profitable while meeting your medical billing needs.

We specialize in providing custom solutions for all of our clients. At Vision Edge, We offers following end-to-end Medical Billing Services:


    We create, maintain, and update CAQH profile. We complete all applications and necessary paperwork on your behalf with the chosen payer networks.


    Before the patient's visit to the provider, we do eligibility verification to check benefits available in patient’s policy for required specialty, requirement for any pre-authorization or referral.


    We access the superbills and detailed patient information from the physician's office through a secure network. Based on the superbills and medical records our coders assign CPT and ICD codes along with modifiers if required.


    Claims are submitted electronically via the practice management system. However, we can process paper claims also. The rejection report received from a clearing house, if any, is analyzed and the necessary changes are done. These claims are then resubmitted.


    Scanned EOBs and checks are sent to our team for payment posting. We can also post payment fetching ERAs from the clearing house or insurance web portals. All payments are entered into the system.


    Once the claims are submitted to the payer for processing, our expert follow-up team resolutely pursues all unpaid claims that have crossed the 30 days bucket in order to reduce the accounts receivable (AR) days of the claim.