About Us
We aspire excellence in everything that we do.
About Us

Founded based on strong passion to deliver excellent services, Vision Edge brings customer satisfaction to a whole new level. Our strength lies in our people who embody collaborative team work in providing exponential success for every project. Because of the sincere love and adoration that we receive from our valued clients, we are motivated to deliver premium quality services each day and strive harder to exceed expectations.
Our core features include unparalleled professionalism, competitive rates, and optimum results, to name a few. We are building a lifelong partnership through customer-centric approaches and transparent business dealings as a premiere provider of online services. Our job is to help people thrive in the digital age by providing them the right recipe for success.


Vision Edge prides itself as the leading provider of professional services online. We have a mission to be the world’s most trusted service brand by offering the best services at the most competitive prices and implement definitive solutions on time.


We are pioneers in the industry who will pave the way for exemplary online solutions that transcend language barriers, overcome obstacles and build brand equity.

Our values reflect what we stand for as a company:
✓ Leadership

We exhibit a stronghold in the market for premium services.

✓ Innovation

We always find ways to improve our services.

✓ Service

We put great emphasis on delivering exceptional quality service.

✓ Detail

We make sure everything is on the right track.

✓ Quality

We provide outstanding services with impressive results to all our clients.

Our History
✓ 2013

Our foundation was laid strong in the industry as the number of returning customers increased along with the inflow of new customers resulting in a strong customer base.

✓ 2014

Our team of experts added Voice over, closed captioning and subtitling to our list of services.

✓ 2015

Vision Edge was featured on FOX BUSINESS NETWORK and we continued to add more services like typing, writing and web solutions to expand our client base.

✓ 2016

Expanding our verticals, we entered the medical billing industry offering end to end Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services.

✓ 2017

We launched our own CRM system to better manage our customer data, track and deliver service efficiently and thereby improving the user experience.

✓ 2018

Vision Edge developed internal web and mobile app to better manage and organize the work.

✓ 2019

Expanding our list of services, we added audio description and alongside we have invested in software development.

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