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Medical Transcription Services

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We provide the best Medical Transcription Services at competitive rates and exceptional results all the time.

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Mobile Solution for Medical Documentation No Installation or Training Expenses
Vision Edge Document Management Software No Maintenance or Software Upgrade Fees
Automated and Encrypted File Transfer 100% Local Service and Support
No Capital Outlay No Software or Hardware Costs

Vision Edge’s Document Management Software

This software enables a practice to retrieve the transcribed files and search via Patient Information, Dictating Physician, Report Type or Date.

Vision Edge’s Document Management EMR Software

Vision Edge utilizes an advanced yet simple dictation and transcription process that streamlines the physician practice and reduces costs without altering any part of their current work flow and still enables them to meet their ultimate goal of documentation within the EMR.

Electronic Signatures

An encrypted image of the physician’s signature is embedded for Printing and Faxing only. Multiple Reports can be signed simultaneously by the physician.

Electronic Faxing

Automatically fax notes directly from the Vision Edge Document Manager with physician or practice specific letterhead embedded in the document as well as the actual physician signature. This minimizes stationery costs, envelopes and stamps as well as reducing FTE time of faxing from a fax machine.

Adaptive Workflow

Completely customize workflows for reviewing and signing notes that best suit the physician and practice.

Batch Printing

Highlight and print an entire days worth of dictation including letterhead with one button.

Audio/Document Correlation

All dictations are stored side by side with a document, thereby assuring a checks and balances for what was dictated versus what was returned. By clicking on the voice file the dictation will play through the computer speakers.

Physician Specific Medical Transcriptionists

Each dictator will be assigned a minimum of one transcriptionist who will be familiar with his/her voice. Vision Edge has maintained its efficiency by not alternating transcriptionists.

Embedded Letterhead

Letterhead, as well as formatted envelopes, for individual physicians or the practice are available.

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